Now that you've decided on your new Princeton Properties Lowell community, learn a bit more about our historic city and use the map below to plan our your new life in Mill City! Find your go-to pizza spot, plan out your commute, and see where your morning walk will take you.
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Welcome to Lowell!
Lowell, MA has a rich history starting as a community of mill factories, leading to its nickname, Mill City. It's a city where diverse cultures, history, and art come together to create a unique and exciting. You've got everything you need here to enjoy life to the fullest - from city farms and unique shops in old mill buildings, to outdoor concerts and endless places try different cuisines from around the world. Basically, living in Lowell means you're never short of things to do or see. It's a fantastic spot to settle down and feel at home, wether you’re a student, commuter, or raising a family.
Work and Play in Lowell, MA
Right on the Merrimack River, Lowell's history as a mill city has really shaped what it is today. It's known as one of Massachusetts’ Gateway Cities, which means it's all about welcoming people and giving them a chance to be part of the community, and the larger American Dream. Plus, the location is hard to beat - you'll be just minutes away from major highways 495 and Rt 3 and the border of New Hampshire, so no matter your lifestyle, Lowell provides a convenient place to lay your roots. Lowell is home to two higher education schools: the University of Massachusetts Lowell and Middlesex Community College. These institutions offer many different courses, for students seeking a degree and those who are just looking to further their education, playing a huge part in the city's dynamic culture. They're a big reason why Lowell is such a vibrant, forward-thinking place.
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